For many years David have offered guitar making tuition from his own workshop for players who wish to make there own guitar or for those who wish to pursue guitar making as a full time profession.
For many people making their own guitar is a long held ambition, an opportunity to learn about the woods and construction methods resulting in a unique and personal instrument that the player knows intimately. This can give a completely new dimension to a players’ relationship with their guitar.

Courses are structured around the  individuals requirements and can be a few hours a week over a year or so, or more intensive, with a guitar being completed in a number of weeks. There will be no more than 2 students per course and as David will be working alongside you, you will get the opportunity to observe his own work as it progresses.

All tools and equipment are provided and timber can be purchased from his own stock if required.

Course costs are £30 per 2 hour session or £400 per week.


For more details you can contact David on:

Tel: 01273 453583