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David Whiteman’s classical guitars are used regularly for both performing and recording in a wide range of music in Europe, America, and Japan. He is particularly open and sensitive to the needs of individual musicians and has worked closely with a number of guitarists in order to advance the musical potential of his instruments. He has developed his own well grounded approach to making by combining a thorough technical understanding of tradition with his own intuitive artistic perceptions which creates a unique and highly effective synthesis.

He selects and blends the best elements from the work of great makers of the past while retaining his own identity and developing a forward looking modern approach. His personal philosophy is to strive for perfect instruments which have a clear focus on resonant unity and aesthetic simplicity. The end result is a guitar made from a combination of the best possible tonewoods which have been rigorously selected and brought together to produce a vibrant musical luminosity.

His guitars produce a warm rich tone and crisp balance while also giving the player the opportunity to project their own character through a neutral medium. The aim is to produce a small range of high quality guitars which have clarity, sonority and tonal transparency where both the shape of the note and the resonant intrinsic qualities ‘behind the note’ inspire players to project their own voice and individual identity and fulfil their musical vision and potential.